I am one of the finalists of Wrangler Philippines True Wanderer contest, here’s my travel story:

Wrangler W1 - Tinuy-an falls

Tinuy-an falls – a 5 to 6-hour bus ride from Butuan airport to Bislig, a delightfully extreme habal habal ride for another hour in the road, and combination of sweat, thirst, hunger and discomfort, these are just a few challenge one must defy to see her beauty. Embrace the grind as most people say! But as I approach the entrance to the falls, I heard her waters whispering in my ears as if waiting for me for long time. I was enchanted by the falls, she was like a bride dressed in white. Her pristine waters were crystal clear, I can see my tired yet fulfilled face in it. As I plunged in the waters, all my weariness vanished and it invigorated my inmost being. When I saw other travelers climbing to the top, I felt my feet so eager to go. And up there I realized that the longer I explore her, the more I appreciate every part of her. Her panoramic view was jawdropping,  I felt my adrenaline rush went through me to go in that spot; it was breathtaking and up there I realized that the longer I explore her the more I appreciate every part of her. I would probably go back to this place soon because seeing this multi-tiered waterfalls up close was beyond what my words could express.
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Kaon ta! (let’s eat!) Starving while you are sitting in a beach in Britania, Surigao Del Sur. It was the perfect moment to try the local delicacy fresh tajum (sea urchin) and grilled haling-halang (spider shells). I was hesitant, uncertain as to how it tastes plus the hefty price. But I realized that I had to try the local cuisines while I was there. With a splash of vinegar and a handful of courage, I took the tajum and halang-halang. It was a wonderful surprise for my palate; I never thought it would taste that delicious! What good food deserves is a friend to share it with, so I invited one of the locals to join me. We savored the moment away from all our worries, only great food as we watched the sunset over a bottle of beer and good music.
#WanderInWonder #TrueWanderer #Live2wander





The Enchanted River of Hinatuan

I have my own fears, like everybody else. I am afraid of the unknown, the fear of the undiscovered. The Enchanted River of Surigao de Sur is in no different league. The river has unexplored depths that until now has not been measured. I was in fear of what lies under the sapphire and jade waters of the river. But just like all other fears in life, we get afraid but it is up to us if we want to stay in fear or challenge ourselves and conquer it. And I chose to #WanderToConquer mine. I decided to go out there and explore the unexplored, to see the beauty beneath the surface. My fear has turned into admiration and my worries turned to wonder. And with my story, I am inspiring others to go face their fears, make it happen and meet amazing people along the journey.
#Truewanderer #Live2Wander





“Naniniwala ako na lahat ng tao may kwento kaya kahit kanino pwede kang matuto. Mula sa habal driver ng Tinuy-an falls hangang sa bangkero sa Hinatuan, mula sa nagtitinda ng tujom at halang-halang sa Britania hangang kay Brenda na isang pagi. Ilan pa sa mga bagay na natutunan ko ay ang pakikipag-kapwa tao at respeto kahit kanino. Ito ang mga bagay na nagbigay halaga sa paglalakbay ko at sila ang bumuo sa kwento ko, mga kwentong hindi matutumbasan ng mga litrato. Mananatiling isa ito sa paborito kong kwento, magiging parte na nang puso ko kahit san man ako patutungo, hindi ito tatanda, hindi magbabago, dahil ang kwento nila ay kwento ko na rin.
#Wanderwithcompanion #Truewanderer #live2Wander

Here’s the Itinerary

Butuan Aiport to  Butuan Teminal Jeepney
Butuan Terminal to Mangagoy Bus P300 4hours
Lunch at Gaisano Grand Mangagoy Food P100
Mangagoy Bus Terminal to Tinuy-an Falls SkyLab (Habal-habal) P200 for 2pax Approx 1hr/way
Tinuy-an Falls Entrance Fee P50
Locker at Tinuy-an Falls Entrance P20
Tinuy-an Falls to Mangagoy Terminal SkyLab (Habal-habal) P200 for 2pax 1hr. Side trip to I Love Bislig Blvd and Ocean View Park
Mangagoy to Hinatuan SkyLab (Habal-habal) 200 for 2pax 1.5 to 2hrs. Van is available for P60 fare
Accomodation at Maryland Lodging House Hinatuan Town P500 A/C Room for 2 with own CR
Dinner @ Hinatuan town Food P100
Breakfast @ Hinatuan town Food P55
Hinatuan town to Enchanted River SkyLab (Habal-habal) P150 per Skylab rate. 15 to 20mins
Enchanted River Entrance Fee P30 Per head.
Enchanted River Entrance Fee P20 Per group.
Enchanted River Island Hopping Boat P500 per boat for 3hours
     Sand Bar Fish Cage Fee P20
     Pacific View Resort Fee P20
     Sibadan Fish Cage Fee P20
     Rock Island Fee P20
Enchanted River to Hinatuan town SkyLab (Habal-habal) P150
Lunch @ Hinatuan Town Food P70
Hinatuan Terminal to Barobo Van P80 2hrs
Tapsilog @ Barobo Terminal Food P45
Barobo Terminal to Salvacion Bus P60 1hr
Salvacion Highway to Britania Tricycle P20 10mins
Accomodation at Poy-Ann’s Homestay Accomodation P1,200 Good for 5-6pax room w/ AC and CR
Breakfast @ Britania Food P40
Britania Island Hopping Boat P1,500 Good for 10 pax. 4 Island destinations
Lunch at the last island Food P60
Lunch @ Mang Tsibog, Britania Food P70
Britania to Salvacion Highway Tricycle P20
Salvacion to Barobo Jeepney P40 2.5hours
Barobo to San Franz Jeepney P30 1hour
Refreshment @ Dunkin Donuts, San Franz Beverage P45
San Franz to Butuan Bus
Accomodation in Butuan Hotel

Special thanks to the following:

Wrangler Philippines https://www.facebook.com/WranglerPH

Straightforward / Shorts Market www.facebook.com/Straightforward.Ph/

Traveler’s Chain https://www.facebook.com/travellerschain/


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