Philippines is someone with a distinct character. He may appear in varying tones and carries traits from diverse races. He lives bearing the legacy of the brave men who stood up for him. At one point you might see him adorned with fabulous clothing for remarkable rituals; he may be wearing the simplest garments at another. This just shows how rich he is with culture and customs.







Philippines is someone with a free spirit. He is the center of grandiose festivals, from the blooming Panagbenga of Benguet, to the devout Sinulog of Cebu; from the friendly Kadayawan of Davao to the abundant Pahiyas of Quezon. He finds reasons to celebrate, and dances as if nobody’s watching.








Philippines is someone with an innocent heart. Deep within his waters is the teeming marine life of Anilao and Tubbataha Reef, finished by the glassy and smooth Boracay white sand.








Philippines is someone with strong and vibrant values. He is firm and sturdy as the towering marble cliffs and as calm as the enchanting lagoons of Palawan. His optimism is reflective of Manila’s cityscape at night, his virtues are reminiscent of the sea of clouds viewed from the heights of Mt Pulag and Mt. Apo.








Philippines is someone who has an eclectic palate. He caters to our inner foodies with a wide variety of mouthwatering delicacies, may it be the crispy Bagnet of Ilocos, world’s best Mangoes from Guimaras, Bacolod’s juicy inasal or the excotic Tyula Itum of Tawi-Tawi. Name it, he has it.







Lastly, Philippines is someone who share the same character, celebrate the same spirit, love with the same heart, live by the same values and eat by the same taste. He is born of a great history and a rich culture.

Philippines is someone as unique as everyone, because Philippines is within each of us.

I am Dave  and I AM PHILIPPINES.


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