Traveling started out as an escape from an extremely busy workweek, a “personal time” away from the hustle and bustle of the city- a reason that probably every traveler once had. It didn’t take long before the getaways turn into something that I will be passionate about.

location: White island, Camiguin

I travel to experience. It has allowed me to experience natural, cultural and social wonders of the Philippines. Being in far-flung lands forces me to step out of my comfort zone, build my confidence and learn so much about my capacity.

Mt ulap_Fotor
location: Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet

I travel for learning and appreciation. It has immersed me in the amazing diversity of our country. Every place has a different culture, different taste, different language, the list goes on. And through traveling, I get to appreciate this diversity in all aspects of living. I had a better grasp and admiration of our rich culture.

Kiltepan, Sagada, Mt Province

I travel for friendship. Every travel is a great venue for interpersonal contact. It strengthens our existing bonds with our family or friends- that wonderful feeling of togetherness. It is also opens our doors to meeting new people, natives and tourist alike. Nothing makes traveling enjoyable than good company (aside from good food).

location: Coral Garden, Talikud Island, Davai del Norte

I travel for awareness. All the great stuff we enjoy in our travels is not meant to be kept in the confines of our memories, nor in our memory cards. Everything is best when shared. Whether it is the beauty of a lake or the serenity of the mountaintop, the luscious greens or the deep blues; I have considered it as my social responsibility, an advocacy, to share and promote the splendor of our country. It helps in the growth of local tourism and disseminates environmental awareness.

location: Kibila, Giant Clam, Camiguin

I travel for happiness. Being able to rediscover myself, learn and appreciate in a greater perspective, meet new people and encouraging others to do the same- it has brought me in another level of fulfillment, a deep and lingering feeling of happiness.”

location: Cambugahay falls, Siquijor

how about you, why do you Travel?


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