Why Not Surigao?

I am one of the finalists of Wrangler Philippines True Wanderer contest, here's my travel story: Tinuy-an falls - a 5 to 6-hour bus ride from Butuan airport to Bislig, a delightfully extreme habal habal ride for another hour in the road, and combination of sweat, thirst, hunger and discomfort, these are just a few challenge one…Read more Why Not Surigao?


How Travel Changed My Life

I am in a field where you could possibly find this as the most stressful profession in the world. And what we do could be the most confusing. But if you want to be rich, long-term, it could be the most important thing. In other words, I am someone who knows the cost of everything…Read more How Travel Changed My Life

Who is Philippines?

Philippines is someone with a distinct character. He may appear in varying tones and carries traits from diverse races. He lives bearing the legacy of the brave men who stood up for him. At one point you might see him adorned with fabulous clothing for remarkable rituals; he may be wearing the simplest garments at…Read more Who is Philippines?


Traveling started out as an escape from an extremely busy workweek, a “personal time” away from the hustle and bustle of the city- a reason that probably every traveler once had. It didn’t take long before the getaways turn into something that I will be passionate about. location: White island, Camiguin I travel to experience. It…Read more WHY TRAVEL?